Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Anti-Trump?? Who knew?

Two tweets with video.

The first following the National Prayer Breakfast where President Trump asked the attendees to pray for Schwarzenegger’s ratings on “The Apprentice” (of which the president is still Executive Producer, for some reason)

The second was from the day after the election when Arnold expresses his hope that we can put the campaigns behind us and get back to working together. It is pinned to the top of his Twitter feed in hopes that people might still take heed.

Thank you, Arnold.

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A bit of wisdom

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Thank you Emma Watson for retweeting this

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Washington DC Mall photos

Here, for comparison, are photos taken during Trump’s inauguration speech (white flooring very visible) and at 1 pm today during the Women’s March.


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Waiting to see how full it gets tomorrow

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Oh, I am trying very hard not to look…

… but I fear it is too late.

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Sweet Melissa’s

Kathy and I are in Laramie, Wyoming again for Xmas with family. It is unusually sunny, temperate, and there’s not much snow. However, we had a most memorable Xmas Eve dinner at a restaurant called  Sweet Melissa’s. The menu looked intriguing and I was considering a burger then I realized it was all vegetarian. I had a bit of trepidation at first but all the dishes did sound quite enticing.

Well, it was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in a long time. Not just a vegetarian meal but at any meal at any restaurant. Everyone praised their meal. If they ever publish a cook book, I am buying one.

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Jones’ Family Christmas gathering 2016

My mom’s side of the family still gathers around Christmas every year. Not everyone could make it but I’d estimate close to half were there – Auntie Gwynneth and some of the cousins with spouses, kids, and grand-kids – including cousin George who we had not seen in sixty years or so. These are thirty of the nicest people you are likely to meet.


Such a fun time – love them all!

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The Elwha Undammed: What’s a River For?

This is the trailer for a film by KING 5 alums Diana Wilmar and David Fox.

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An “Ivory Tower” Kath and I visited last year

Probable residence of Liberal Elites

Castle Hluboká, The Czech Republic

Read Garrison Keillor’s assessment of Liberal Elites here.

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