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A shout out to my IBEW brothers

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Kathy’s Impression of Prague

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Recommended lodging in Český Krumlov

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In memory of my friend Armi

This video is from several years ago but I just saw it today for the first time after my fiancée Kathy shared it with me via Facebook. Watching it, I was immediately reminded of my Finnish friend Armi Schwalbach (née … Continue reading

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Sad news at Winter’s end

Yesterday my first cousin once removed, Tony Commerée, died from a heart attack suffered while at work up in Port Angeles. He was only 49 years old. I never really knew him, having only met him in the last few … Continue reading

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Oregon Wineries Bottling Billions

Spangler wines was a rather serendipitous discovery for Kathy and me on our 2013 trip through Roseburg – basically because it was the first one off of I-5 on our way out to Bandon. The tasting room hostess was charming … Continue reading

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Smith Rock State Park

This might be the best photo from our recent trip to Oregon. More to come? We’ll see.  

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Coming soon…

The first week in November, I will be appearing in the one-man show, “Kathy in China” – not to be confused with John Adams’ opera, “Nixon in China”. Kathy, my fiancée, runs a small Bothell biotech R&D lab owned by a Chinese … Continue reading

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Last day of our October trip to Oregon

Our trip started in Portland (the Marathon Half) with lovely fall weather and then summer returned with a vengeance (90° temps) as we crossed Oregon heading south then east. On our last day, though, fall returned with a foreshadowing of winter … Continue reading

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I drove all the way to Portland for the Half Marathon…

… and all I got was this lousy cold! Kathy thinks it was a sinus infection. In any case, I sat it out this year – drinking coffee at Starbucks and hitting up the Rite-Aid for some generic Mucinex and cough … Continue reading

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