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Last summer’s hike in Slovenia

The 2018 Distant Journeys catalog of guided international hiking trips arrived a few days ago and, lo and behold, the photo adorning the Julian Alps trip offering was of our group on the July hike last year. This photo happened … Continue reading

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The Elwha Undammed: What’s a River For?

This is the trailer for a film by KING 5 alums Diana Wilmar and David Fox.

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The last oyster farm in Oysterville

I knew “Danny” Driscoll when he went to the Fauntleroy YMCA. He was one of the second graders in the Friday after school group for which I was the high school Junior Leader. For a long time, I’ve wanted to … Continue reading

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Why, this is almost enough to make me start skiing again…

… and buy and iPhone. Though, I doubt either will happen. Still, watch this: I could see Kathy’s friend Pierrot doing this or even her son Charlie.

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Sometimes I miss living in West Seattle…

… especially on days like today. I’d heard something about the West Seattle Passenger Ferry runs being cancelled due to high winds but here in Kenmore, nary a breeze. We also went into town for a Town Hall talk this … Continue reading

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About those crows…

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Today’s forecast high is 83°

I’m betting we beat that by a fair margin

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Pending pledging plans proceed apace

Yesterday, May 17th, was the anniversary of my proposing marriage to my lovely fiancée Kathy. We visited the Nordstrom Bridal department a second time and Kathy ordered her dress (she wears it well). We’ve picked a photographer, the caterer (an … Continue reading

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First day-hike of the year

Much to Kathy’s chagrin, we have not been out hiking yet this year. With our mismatched work schedules (soon to change), our social calendar, and her church committees, there really hasn’t been a good day – until yesterday. A sunny … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

… well, not where I am. Here it has been early spring – crocuses have come and gone, the daffodils are in full bloom, and our magnolias are a glorious sight. But back East is another story. Click on the … Continue reading

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