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I’m just a Singin’ Fool

The church that Kathy and I attend is chock-a-block full of musical talent and has an annual celebration in honor of one of the founding couples, the Kimbroughs, who passed away not long before I met Kathy. This evening is … Continue reading

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Anyone else remember those Animusic video shorts…

… that would run between shows late at night on KBTC – the Tacoma PBS station out of Bates Technical College? Well, someone built one out of wood and it is hand-cranked – a hurdy-gurdy on steroids – a music … Continue reading

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Why, this is almost enough to make me start skiing again…

… and buy and iPhone. Though, I doubt either will happen. Still, watch this: I could see Kathy’s friend Pierrot doing this or even her son Charlie.

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

… well, not where I am. Here it has been early spring – crocuses have come and gone, the daffodils are in full bloom, and our magnolias are a glorious sight. But back East is another story. Click on the … Continue reading

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Stunning satellite photos

Click the following link for fabulous photos from Earth orbit.

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With Dreams of Pink Desotos…

With Dreams of Pink Desotos last night did I snore. I saw those big fins backing up to my access door.

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May Day Celebrations

Yesterday was May 1st – which Seattle celebrates with its annual Anarchists’ Parade and Media Rodeo. All the time I was driving the news remote trucks, they were proudly emblazoned with the KING 5 logos and graphics. Then, a few … Continue reading

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“Tim’s Vermeer”

Kathy and I saw the film “Tim’s Vermeer” last night. It documents the experiment of inventor/engineer Tim Jenison as he attempts to faithfully reproduce a painting, The Music Lesson by Johannes Vermeer, seen above, by using an arrangement of optics … Continue reading

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