Last summer’s hike in Slovenia

The 2018 Distant Journeys catalog of guided international hiking trips arrived a few days ago and, lo and behold, the photo adorning the Julian Alps trip offering was of our group on the July hike last year. This photo happened to be taken on my 65th birthday as we finished a picnic lunch near the top of Slemenova Špica near Vrsic Pass. Our three guides are seated – Roman, seated on the right, was our main Slovenian guide working for Trek Trek; Pam, in the middle, was soon retiring from Distant Journeys in Maine; “Dom”, who was only with us part of the time, was a Slovenian college student also working for Trek Trek. It was a fabulous time. The food and accommodations were excellent, the hiking was stimulating, and the scenery was outstanding. I highly recommend visiting Slovenia as well as Distant Journeys and Trek Trek.


We may be doing an England Coast-to-Coast tour in 2019 with Kathy’s sister Nan and her husband Jeff as we did Slovenia – maybe through Distant Journeys again. However, this summer we are rafting the Grand Canyon with our friends John and Donna through Arizona Raft Adventures.

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