Pouring today

Rain is not the only thing pouring in our neighborhood today.

There is a house under construction across the street and the foundation is finally being poured.

The original house sat empty for over a year as its condition continued to decline. The previous owner had lived there with her husband since the house was built in the early 60s (same era as our house). The widow moved out a couple of years ago and a neighbor down the street bought the house. Tear-down and rebuild made more sense than renovation but it took a while for the plans to come together. The tear-down took place this summer – and then a wait. They dug a hole – and then waited. In the meantime, the tall white tank on the left was installed to hold the groundwater and runoff collecting in the hole (the water table is high here). When walking by, you could hear the sump pump running and see the blue 3″ hose expand with flowing water. The blue “shop-vac” truck or one like it would come several times a day to empty the holding tank. The lot sits on the uphill side of a golf course and I’m sure the country club does not want construction site runoff flowing across the fairway.

Concrete forms went a couple of weeks ago but a “pineapple express” brought warm air across the Pacific from Hawaii and dumped a lot of rain on us. The weather looks wet for the next couple of days but the forecast clears out starting Sunday afternoon with a dry week following. I heard a truck pull in this morning and heard the sounds of pumps and motors but it turned out to be the concrete pump/boom truck. A bit later, I heard the whine of the vacuum and stepped out to the above scene – three ready-mix trucks lined up for the pour and the vacuum hose running directly into the excavation. Things are progressing again.

Now, if only we could get our contractor to finish the last 8′-10′ of our driveway!

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