I’m just a Singin’ Fool

The church that Kathy and I attend is chock-a-block full of musical talent and has an annual celebration in honor of one of the founding couples, the Kimbroughs, who passed away not long before I met Kathy. This evening is known as the Kimbrough Café – a cabaret night that raises money for the church while giving members a chance step in front of the microphone.


Two years ago, Kathy talked me into singing and I did “Wives and Lovers” – a Burt Bacharach tune from the 60s. Last year, we planned to be out of town that weekend so I did not take part. However, this year I went full tilt – even penning lyrics to a political blues tune. My performances are the least of the evening with an astonishing array of music.

Kathy recorded my performances along with some of the others. I wish there was a more complete recording here but at least you can get a feel for the wealth of talent our community possesses. You can view them on the Kimbrough Café 2016 page accessed from the top menu bar here on the blog or clicking on the graphic above.




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