The saga of “the bathroom”


Window installation of April 2009

During my September vacation in 1997, I got inspired to remodel the bathroom of my West Seattle home. The tile around the tub was some dated color, the grout was mildewed and failing, and the shower/spout installation was sideways, literally. I tore out all the tile of the tub surround, the lath and plaster walls, the sink and vanity, and the tub fixtures. Everything down to bare studs and a toilet. My intent was to have it all back together by Christmas of that year – 1997. That didn’t happen.

I bought fixtures, copper pipe, electrical items, and new electric wall heater to replace the old baseboard. I insulated. I plumbed. I wired (bringing it up to current code). I installed concrete backer board. And that is where I stalled. In the years that followed, I would shower at work or the YMCA. It looked for 18 years much as it appears in the picture above which was taken when I replaced the small, cheap aluminum slider with clad-wood double-hung window closer to the original from 1925.

Now let us travel to the present. I have not lived in that house since the end of 2014. Last year, I hired a contractor come in to finish up what I had left undone so that I could sell the house. Unfortunately, a chain of events left much of my stuff sitting in his way – impeding the work last year. I told him to please go ahead and take other jobs until I could clear the main floor. In December, I was able to move everything either here to Kenmore or into the basement. However, the contractor ended up tied up with other jobs until this summer so I have begun to slowly pick up the slack.

Behold. Below are three photos showing recent progress.

Two weeks ago after grouting the tile and installing a shower

Last week after the tub re-finisher applied stripper and left it to work

Today the re-finisher stripped and sanded the tub and applied a new surface.

Tomorrow a new Toto toilet should arrive. I hope to install it on Saturday. Then on to reinstalling the medicine cabinet and mirror, a new vanity and sink, finishing the electrical/lights, and painting/reinstalling the door. Having a working toilet in-house will make longer stays possible and speed up the remaining packing, cleanup, and painting.

Anyone in the market for a cozy 2 bed, 1 bath with garage and a ton of storage/work space in the basement?? Close to shopping, restaurants, and the Beveridge Place Pub. Close to Lincoln Park, Lowman Beach, and situated on the Rapid Ride C line.



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