So… am I Mr. Fosnaugh now?

Kathy and I were married last Saturday. I’ve been meaning to get a website online so folks can share pictures in one spot – but that hasn’t happened. It has been a busy week and now we are packing for the honeymoon so….

I’ll share a few things here that people have shared via e-mail and Facebook. Then after we return and our wedding photog has sent us his shots, I’ll see about gathering things together – wedding and honeymoon.

Here is what my cousin KJ shared on Smilebox

My nephew Charlie (below) gave a lovely toast at the reception as did my brother Larry.


Below are some pictures my friend George Nichols took.

Really, I don’t dance but…

Some friends from Camp Colman and the Y

One of my best friends, Mieka









It was a memorable night (I sang to Kathy twice!) – the best night of my life – and I think most everyone there was happy and had a good time.

Below is a copy of our program.












Now for our honeymoon. We spend Sunday night in Vancouver, BC and then fly off to Prague on Monday. We have an apartment in the Malá Strana near the Charles Bridge for a week. Then we rent a VW Golf and drive to Olomouc, Wien, Salzburg, and Cesky Krumlov before returning to Prague for one last night. We will undoubtedly have “Mucha” fun hunting for the Third Man even if it means a day in the salt mines. Much to share when we get back.

1-21 Mostecká Google Maps

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