Memorial Day weekend project

My clothes


Reorganization. We’re moving the walk-in closet from one spot to another. I emptied out this small storeroom and removed the closet shelving that I’d installed a few weeks ago. Painted the ceiling and walls, changing from a dingy yellow to a bright white, and then reinstalled the shelves. I reorganized my clothes and containers.

Now I need to do the opposite wall for Kathy’s clothes, which have been in an adjacent walk-in storage area. Also need to move in two dressers, a mirror or two, and some more lighting. This closet opens onto two bedrooms and we are moving from the larger into the smaller. The larger space is much more suited to office/work area than sleeping. The current closet is back in the corner of the larger space. Once I empty and paint that closet, it will have storage shelves and a wine rack – part of the grand scheme.


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