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Last Friday evening, April 10th, at just after 8 pm, I e-filed my tax return. This morning, Wednesday April 15th, shortly after 10 am, I went online to check my account balances. My refund had already been deposited.

Not even five days had passed – maybe only four (I don’t remember checking last night) – and that includes the weekend. That is FAST! I seem to remember a similar short turnaround just a few years ago. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Seems like back in the ’70s,  you had to mail your return in early February for any hope of getting a refund check in less than two weeks. Filing in April? You might not see that check until Memorial Day.

Of course, as soon as this year’s refund came in, it went out again – first half property taxes. What one hand giveth, another taketh away. It just happens faster now.

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