What kind of Fool am I?

11130260_10152784138866476_5766873012998799560_nToday, being April 1st, I thought it would be appropriate to dress up for the occasion – my last day of work at KING Television.

Some 31 years and 8 months ago, I quit my full-time job as swing shift foreman at Shasta Beverages to take an unpaid internship here at KING. I’d gone back to the UW to get a degree in Communications, TV and Radio Production. After completing two internships and getting my BA, I chanced into a part-time job in KING News Engineering. My intent was to keep the job for only a year or two while I polished my writing, editing, and photography skills and assembled a decent resumé tape (having free access to the editing here at KING). Needless to say I never had need for that tape since I stayed here some three decades longer than intended.

And now, to bring things full circle, I am sipping a bit of Shasta Diet Ginger Ale hasta-be-shasta (which they just started carrying in the coffee shop here last week) and looking forward to sleeping in (until 6:30 am!) tomorrow.

(My father was plant manager of the local Shasta Beverages plant when I was growing up. I worked there off and on through my college years – 1969 through 1982.)


Here is Adnan al-Masawi from Facilities taking a selfie with me while a masked Mark Huffstutter, transmitter engineer, mocks us in the background.

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2 Responses to What kind of Fool am I?

  1. /gst says:

    Never would have guessed 31 years at KING either, but so goes life. Congrats are in order. BTW, proud too have known you for so many years. You’ll always be Shadow to me. The guy I could always share crazy creative ideas with, and you would make them better.

  2. jlcommeree says:

    I should clarify that the 31 years, 8 months is time spent as a paid KING employee. If you include the two internships and some freelance work, it is more like 32 years, 6 months.

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