Oregon Wineries Bottling Billions

Spangler wines was a rather serendipitous discovery for Kathy and me on our 2013 trip through Roseburg – basically because it was the first one off of I-5 on our way out to Bandon. The tasting room hostess was charming (and, I found out, a good friend of one of my co-workers) as were the wines – exceptional full-bodied reds – some great Syrahs, a substantial Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, and a Claret blend are some of our favorites. In the video in the link below, you will hear Pat Spangler as well as other area vintners talk about the Umpqua wine region.

Economic recovery in Oregon has fluctuated across industries except for one–the wine industry, putting it on track to replacing the timber industry.

via Oregon Wineries Bottling Billions.

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