OxBlue Scheduled Photo Request for SR 99 access pit #2

Okay, folks. I’ve set it up so that the current photo of Bertha’s rescue and repair pit should show up here every Wednesday at noon. Bertha is the enormous tunneling machine currently stuck underground between Seattle’s seawall and viaduct.

We received a request to send one photo from “SR 99 access pit #2” every Wednesday at 12:00 PM (project time) to this email address. If you made this request, please click the link below to confirm your request:

We’ll see how that goes – both the automatic posting and the digging of the pit. I’m told they are about halfway to where they need to be – just below the bottom of Bertha’s drilling face. Then Bertha can burrow forward far enough into the pit to have her drill face lifted out for repair while additional repairs, revisions, and reinforcements are made to the structure that holds and drives the cutting face during operation. This repair better work because if she gets stuck any farther along her path, there will likely be no way to effectively fix her. She will have to be able to make it to the exit pit on the other end.

unnamedThe four white pipes rising from bottom to top are constantly pumping groundwater/seawater out of the hole. They have already dug through a midden of clam and oyster shells which was determined to be of no archaeological or anthropological interest.

Stay tuned.



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