Violet Sessions CD – Project Violet – raising funds for cancer research

Just watching the video below, right now, can help raise money toward cancer research.

“To underscore the importance of cutting edge research, one of our patient families has offered to donate up to $100,000 to Project Violet research.  The gift will be based on the number of views of the “Safe” video that features patient families created, with $1 per view going to research.”
– Dr. Jim Olson

Project Violet ( is a research project at Fred Hutch hoping to discover new life-saving, cancer-fighting drugs. They have released a CD (funded on Kickstarter) with sales proceeds going to Project Violet. You can download the album on iTunes or Amazon or contribute at least $15 directly to Project Violet and receive the CD that way.

I heard Jim Olson speak at Seattle Town Hall several months back. He is a pediatric neuro-oncologist at Children’s Medical Center and researcher Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center here in Seattle. He developed something called “tumor paint” and spun off Blaze BioTech in hopes that more research could developing similar mechanisms for fighting disease. Read this report from CNN for more information.

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