Monkey Face Rock


Monkey Face at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon

This is Monkey Face, a rock spire at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. The park is heaven for rock climbers and this is the centerpiece, a 350-foot tall spire with four faces all of which flare out at the top. There are multiple routes and variations which give opportunities for different techniques and skill levels.

You may see what might appear to be teeth in the “mouth” of the monkey but if you look closely, you note that they are climbers. You will also note a line spanning the gap from the cliff on the left to the monkey’s lower lip.

Above is the view we got as we came over the “Misery Ridge Trail” from the park entrance side. I will admit to being rather miserable 37059at climbing this trail – a rather quick 1000′ elevation gain, though ranked moderate difficulty – but in my defense, it was over 90° that day. In the distance (above the monkey’s head), one can see Mt. Jefferson. The Crooked River winds through the park and then out across the plain behind the monkey.

<<<<< A more recognizable “monkey face” is seen from the south side. Left is a picture I found online and, if you click on it, it will take you to a webpage describing Monkey Face.

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  1. Jclarowe says:

    Fabulous photos! Gorgeous weather too. What a trip!

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