Coming soon…

The first week in November, I will be appearing in the one-man show, “Kathy in China” – not to be confused with John Adams’ opera, “Nixon in China”.

Kathy, my fiancée, runs a small Bothell biotech R&D lab owned by a Chinese enzyme production company – She’s been asked to travel to Shanghai for meetings and to tour their Shan Dung and Hu nan plants. She will be gone a week.

In her absence, I will return to eating, sleeping, and doing crosswords alone – alternating between venues in West Seattle and Kenmore. Wish me luck!

(Despite what the website indicates, the Bothell lab is on North Creek Parkway.)

map119310NorthGreekParkway,Suite100Bothell,Washington 98011,USA

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  1. /gst says:

    There goes the neighborhood.

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