I drove all the way to Portland for the Half Marathon…

… and all I got was this lousy cold! Kathy thinks it was a sinus infection. In any case, I sat it out this year – drinking coffee at Starbucks and hitting up the Rite-Aid for some generic Mucinex and cough drops.

Kathy, however, ran her first half-marathon – which, of course, would make it her personal best no matter what. Turns out, though, she did really well – beating her own expectations. 755716-1076-0030s

She ran an average 9:15/mile pace and finished in just over two hours – putting her 5th out of the 157 women in her age group – 55-59 years old. Needless to say (yet I’m saying it anyway), I am very proud of her.

We’ll be signing up for next year soon and this year I swear I will train as hard as Kath – in hopes of improving my time to something decent.

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