“Tim’s Vermeer”


Kathy and I saw the film “Tim’s Vermeer” last night. It documents the experiment of inventor/engineer Tim Jenison as he attempts to faithfully reproduce a painting, The Music Lesson by Johannes Vermeer, seen above, by using an arrangement of optics available in the 17th century. Jenison has no experience in painting but he and others have theorized that some artists of that period used such optics to aid in producing very photo-realistic images 150 years prior to photography.

The film’s website with trailer and info  is linked here: “Tim’s Vermeer” from Sony Classics. The film is produced by Penn and directed by Teller of the magician duo Penn & Teller. The film also has appearances by British artist David Hockney and architect Philip Steadman who also have put forward the optics theory, as well as actor/artist Martin Mull.

The film is screening at the Seattle Sundance Cinemas (previously Metro Cinemas) on 45th in the U District. It is the nicest theater I have been in. Ten small but roomy auditoriums with plush, rocking seats with table surfaces and cup holders between each pair of seats. Beer, wine, and food is available in the lobby and can be taken to your seat. The theater is 21+ only and tends to screen smaller indie films – being associated with the Sundance Film Festival. Kathy and I look forward to seeing more films there and highly recommend it.

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