Definitely Summer

Kathy @ Talapus - CopyKathy and I have gone for short Sunday hikes the last two weekends. Kathy is an experienced hiker and, in the seven years she has lived in the area, has visited most of the I-90 corridor destinations. Last week’s route revealed just how poor my conditioning is as well as revealing that my hiking boots had reached “end-of-life”. Nonetheless, it proved to be good exercise. It also spurred me to use my REI dividend for a nice pair of boots (also 30% off).

Talapus Lake.Home.07.2013 005

I’ve been breaking in my new Zamberlans by wearing them around the house and neighborhood. Yesterday they hit the trail. Kathy picked an easier hike. Something with less than 2000′ elevation gain and pretty little Talapus Lake as our goal. It is a popular hike – dozens of cars parked at the trailhead and many people (lots of families) sharing the trail. It was still very nice. A very well-maintained trail and a sparkling cool jewel of a lake. Kathy has definitely brought a welcome change to my recent routine.

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