Hilarious… but Sad.

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The Staves begin their US tour at the Tractor

Kathy and I have been fans of The Staves for several years – three sisters from Watford, UK now residing in Wisconsin. We saw them at the Triple Door when they first appeared in Seattle on June 16th 2013. Last night, we met friends Gregg and Leona at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard and saw The Staves perform as they kicked off another US tour. Their music has evolved from primarily acoustic to more amplified and processed but their voices still harmonize and soar beautifully (and occasionally trigger flashbacks of the late 60s and early 70s).


They noted that their tour bus had last been used by Donald Trump and, with some grimacing, commented on the smell of spray tan, wondered which bunk(s) he had used, and where his tiny little hands had touched.

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From the NEW American Songbook

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“It’s funny ’cause it’s treason.”

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Ohhh… we are so screwed.

Some more substantive tweets from inside the White House

Many thanks to whomever is putting their job at risk – stay safe!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Anti-Trump?? Who knew?

Two tweets with video.

The first following the National Prayer Breakfast where President Trump asked the attendees to pray for Schwarzenegger’s ratings on “The Apprentice” (of which the president is still Executive Producer, for some reason)

The second was from the day after the election when Arnold expresses his hope that we can put the campaigns behind us and get back to working together. It is pinned to the top of his Twitter feed in hopes that people might still take heed.

Thank you, Arnold.

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A bit of wisdom

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